We tell stories that matter

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Everyone loves stories — whether it’s heroic, inclusive or transformative. We tell vivid stories that reach into audience’s hearts and minds. We’ll teach you how to craft your story to build connections.

This is your brand. We create a voice for your company — unique to you.


We build meaningful engagement. We build mobilized audiences for your brand that will readily participate — and thank you.

We’ll help you develop an audience that becomes an integral part of your brand’s story.


A great story can create and mobilize communities. It draws in the right people who want to be a part of it — to take action.

We find those who are looking to be part of the same story. We’ll help your message get carried and supported by the right person.

Emotional, Intuitive, and Visceral Connections

Our Philosophy

Our ingredients for transformation: chaos, movements and architects.


mp-icon4A marked point is a term in chaos theory that measures and harnesses chaos in a system. That’s what we do. We take the energy in your venture and mobilize others around it.

mp-icon5Movements happen unconsciously and ecstatically. We build on this characteristic to build flexible systems and structure the embrace our human-ness.

mp-icon6Architects design buildings for intended inhabitants. We create the foundation for you pull together all the team members to build something that lasts.

Collaborate with Us

Stories that Resonate. What’s Yours?


Creating something new is challenging. It requires focus, strategy and discipline. This is thoughtfulness. Know what you’re building and why you are building it.

World Changing

We look for solutions to the big problems, from healthcare and energy to communication and connection. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and look for the same integrity in others.


Great stories are told with passion — from your heart to someone else’s. We find the connections and draw out the solutions to problems. We are willing to dig deep and share emotions.

Some of our favorite stories